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Lecture programme ARCHITECT@WORK with amongst others Paolo Russo (Stefano Boeri Architetti) and Michaël Ghyoot (Rotor)

1 September 2022

At ARCHITECT@WORK, which will take place in Rotterdam on 14 and 15 September 2022, healthy materials will be everywhere: with many exhibitors, in a materials exhibition, in a photo exhibition, and in the seminar programme which Architectenweb has compiled around the theme 'Healthy Materials'. Speakers include Eric-Jan Pleijster (LOLA Landscape Architects), Paolo Russo (Stefano Boeri Architetti), Raoul Vleugels (Werkstatt) and Michaël Ghyoot (Rotor).

If we want construction to emit much less or no CO2 at all, and if we want it to no longer be at the expense of nature but rather to help it along, we need to start building in a radically different way - circular, bio-based, nature-inclusive and energy-positive. This multiple task requires a multiple answer, and architects are ideally placed to bring all of this together in designs for attractive urban environments and buildings. In their lectures, the various speakers at ARCHITECT@WORK will show how they are working on a sustainable future.

Architect Michaël Ghyoot of Rotor sees enormous opportunities for reusing existing building materials in new designs. Architect Tim Vermeend of Urban Climate Architects sees plenty of opportunities to scale up buildings in wood. Architect Raoul Vleugels of Werkstatt sees how building with wood can be complemented by building with other bio-based materials, such as lime hemp.

Landscape architect Eric-Jan Pleijster of LOLA Landscape Architects sees possibilities for transforming urban areas into nature reserves, if we really start thinking from nature and its needs. Architect Paolo Russo of Stefano Boeri Architetti sees plenty of possibilities to draw nature into the buildings, through green indoor gardens, green roofs and green facades. In this way, vertical forests, for example, can be created in the middle of the city.

Finally, Anja Verdonk of Natrufied Architecture sees that building with wood and for nature can be combined with designs that are themselves inspired by nature.

The theme of ARCHITECT@WORK in Rotterdam this time is 'Healthy Materials'. Apart from the lecture programme there will also be several exhibitions around this theme: a materials exhibition by MaterialDistrict, a photo exhibition by Dutch Architecture Photographers (DAPh) and a project exhibition by

With more than two hundred exhibitors, ARCHITECT@WORK is one of the largest professional events for architects and designers in the Netherlands. The unique concept of ARCHITECT@WORK is applied throughout Europe with great success and is established every two years in Ahoy Rotterdam.

The lectures at ARCHITECT@WORK are free to attend. Please register in advance. Go to and register with your code.

The ARCHITECT@WORK event is organised in a hybrid way. The lectures can be followed via a livestream. The presented novelties can also be found online in the ARCHITECT@WORK product directory. Online appointments can be scheduled with exhibitors. "Because that remains the most fun", says Anne-Laure van der Ginste of ARCHITECT@WORK: "To experience it live and to really talk to each other again!".

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