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11 - 12 September 2024

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Wednesday 11 September 2024

11:30 - 12:30

Towards a Nature-Inclusive Urban Environment

Marjan Ketner - Copijn Landschapsarchitecten

The facade plantings of Sawa, the tropical garden of Hotel Jakarta and the restoration of the formal gardens surrounding the Rijksmuseum have in common that they were designed by Copijn Landscape Architects. How do we create climate-adaptive places and meaningful urban nature in which flora, fauna and people feel comfortable?

Copijn Landschapsarchitecten is affiliated with Copijn Boomspecialisten and Copijn Groenaanleg en Beheer. In her lecture, Ketner shows how the integration of greenery and water not only adds ecological value, but also strengthens the urban environment on a systemic level.

With their design for a nature-inclusive and biobased living environment, Orga Architect, De Urbanisten and Copijn won the 'A New Building Culture' competition organized by the Chief Government Architect in Oirschot a year and a half ago.

Seminar in Dutch

Picture: © Copijn

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