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In a completely natural way, Alfredo Longo's work is enriched with a strong social dimension, without succumbing to the temptation of easy activism. Cans first appear in his creative universe like a series of colourful sparks strewn across the urban landscape. This small object, one of the essential symbols of our consumer society, is now the atom of every work by Alfredo Longo.

It is an element that he sorts, cuts, compresses, deforms, integrates, assembles and transforms. But in doing so, he preserves the identity of the object, which he never completely evanesces in the mass of his work.

This small metal container, which will be a hundred years old in 2035, has long been one of our 'icons' of consumption. The can is characterised by an almost unlimited recycling potential and is an advertising medium by excellence. In our country alone, more than one billion cans are used every year...

These are aspects that Alfredro Longo uses to transmute the impact of the can on society and the public. The artist ensures that this raw material is given a second life, while retaining a more or less important part of its commercial identity, in particular the spirit of consumption that lives in it or the reference to the colours and logos that are now part of our collective imagination.

Alfredo Longo's career spans several decades. His trajectory is marked by a constant striving to produce works that stand as faithful witnessing his vision of the world, and to his concerns and ambitions. Not only as an artist, but also as a human being. This human dimension proves to be inseparable from Alfredo Longo's approach.


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